Friday, March 23, 2007

A Reality Check From Steve Wilkos

TV veteran, Steve Wilkos (Jerry Springer Show) is the host of his own yet-to-be-titled daytime talk show, debuting in national syndication this Fall. In his new show, Wilkos sticks up for people who need a little extra help, bringing street credibility to families in crisis that are looking for straight talk and understanding from a no-nonsense host.

RC: How did you first become involved with the Jerry Springer show?
SW: I got involved 13 years ago when the show was more of a serious show like Phil Donahue. They were going to do a show with the KKK and they wanted off-duty police in the audience. I had never seen the show and figured I'd only be there for 1 day but as the show became younger & more confrontational ... I found myself shaving my head & signing a tv contract. It's been a wild ride.

RC: You have a new talk show coming out. Tell me a little bit about it.
SW: Well, I was a cop for 12 years and the stories I'll be doing will be what people call the police for. When people have a problem, they don't call Dr. Phil, they don't call Oprah. They call the police. You can't change anybody's life in a short amount of time. You need some sort of resolution and that's what I do. I can get tough and confrontational.

RC: Give me an example of what kinds of topics you'll be covering or what kinds of people you'll be dealing with.
SW: On Springer, they did a series where I would go to people's houses & help them with their problems. They ranged from a woman having problems with her husband to a girl who didn't have a prom date ... from the serious to the silly. I would go out & try to help people.

RC: You're going to be appearing on NBC's "Identitiy" at 8pm. Can you reveal what your identity is?
SW: Yeah, I think I can reveal what it's going to be. Most people know who I am. So my identity was: Bodyguard For Jerry Springer.

RC: You didn't have to stand up there long?
SW: I went out early. I think I'd feel pretty bad about myself if I was still up there at the end!

Thanks to Steve Wilkos for talking to "Reality Check"!
Don't forget to watch NBC's "Identity" tonight 8pm EST

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