Monday, March 19, 2007

Grease: You're NOT The One That I Want (3/18/07)

Ok so I watch it anyway. But that's because I really thought Chad & Laura were going to win. Yet, Chad was booted weeks ago leaving me with Austin (an already professional actor ... ummm why is he on this show?), Max ("Slacker Danny" - I hate the nicknames), Ashley (there were two Ashleys - she's one of them), and Laura (a little too put together & rehearsed but I could see her in the part). The show is completely cheesy & I wonder why Tony-award winner Kathleen Marshall wanted to be part of it. Oh yeah ... $$$ Next week is the finals & we'll find out who is going to play Danny & Sandy on Broadway. If I was a Broadway actor, I'd be pissed. It's hard enough to get a job without reality tv stepping in. Yes, I'm going against reality tv for a minute. But sometimes, you just have to shake your head at it. By the way, did anybody catch Austin's face after Max's interview tape where he talked about bell pallsy? He looked at him like, "Dude!" because Max just solidified himself with that story. Big Boo Austin. And yes, I cried during Max's tape.

P.S. I'm calling it now that some of these kids make it into the cast of Grease anyway as chorus members.

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