Thursday, March 15, 2007

All The Idol News You Can Handle

  • Simon told Extra that if Sanjaya wins, he'll quit Idol. I thought it was funny. You can see the story here.
  • From the official Fox/American Idol site: "Legendary British artists Lulu and Peter Noone will work with the top 11 finalists next week on American Idol.... On Tuesday night, the contestants will sing hit songs from the 1960s British pop invasion." As part of the Wednesday results show, Lulu will perform her hit song "To Sir, with Love," and Noone will perform "There's a Kind of Hush." Ummm... Why?
  • And, according to, not only is Mario Vasquez being accused of sexual harassment claim from a male employee of the show, he also now is filing suit against Fox saying his departure from AI4 was involuntary. Stop Corey Clark-ing it. Nobody cares.

  • And I had to mention this excerpt from a hate mail letter that received regarding SANJAYA (notice the correct spelling)

Hi Dave how are you? you are a jerk for piking Sangaya he has the voice of 900 angles i wont you to leave him alone pik your just jeallios that sangaya is cute and your an ugly troll -Chris

But I guess the real question is ... what DO 900 ANGLES sound like? Right angles? Obtuse angles?

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Lisa said...

LOL Ok, the angles thing made me laugh!