Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ultra Mega Recap Extravaganza!!!!

Ok ... let's be honest. I've been slacking. So to make up for it, I'll recap all the shows I've been meaning to talk about. Thank god for for Tivo!

The Apprentice - Boring Me By The Second (3/11/07)

Don't get me wrong because I have been a big supporter of the Apprentice. I've watched every season. But moving it to LA & the stupid twist with the losers having to sleep outside ... it just ... doesn't do it for me. The challenges aren't even exciting anymore. This past week, they worked with GNC to do a halftime show during a pro soccer game. I thought both teams were pretty bad but Arrow's was particularly a disaster. Anyone besides me watch the show and go, "I could pull off a better task."??? What does this have to do with overseeing one of Trump's multi-million dollar buildings? Ok anyway, yes - Arrow loses and even though I wouldn't have minded seeing James go, Surya went & I was satisfied. Next week, they apparently do some big Hollywood task so hopefully they regain my interest ... and respect.

American Idol: AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! (3/13/07-3/14/07)

This is all I have to say:

America, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Okay, it was one thing with Kevin Covais (aka Chicken Little). But ... seriously. I felt bad for Brandon. He shouldn't have gone yet. Phil looked PISSED to in the bottom 3 but Simon's right - he's got to stop shouting. And back to performance night for a minute ... After 6 seasons, can Ryan/Simon stop doing homosexual exchanges? We get it. You both think the other one is gay. You probably both are. Poor Melinda looked like she wanted to hide behind her stool. If I had it my way the top 6 would be: Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, Blake, Chris S., and Chris R. We shall see... America, stop listening to and stop calling in for Sanjaya. It's MEAN! Thank you.

America's Next Top Model: You Could Be My Candy Girl (3/14/07)

ANTM did my favorite episode last night - THE MAKEOVER episode! I'm such a girly girl in that way. Everyone looked amazing. Poor Jael had to sit in a chair for 8 hours getting a weave before Jai decided he didn't like it and had them cut it out. Then, she found out a good friend of hers overdosed & died. It was NOT a good day for Jael. She talks, looks, acts like she's on drugs too. I don't get why nobody's questioned this yet but ANTM does bring in some whack jobs for models.

The photo challange had the girls naked & portraying desserts. Brittany received high praise again from the judges despite the fact she cried through the makeover, the makeup challenge, and the photo shoot. She might be a crybaby but this chick can TAKE A PICTURE. To see more, click on the photo below to be linked to her portfolio. In the end, Cassandra was sent home for "losing her pretty". Ouch.

Top Design: The Bacardi Party (3/14/07)

Once again, the designers had to work in teams and they were NOT happy about it. They had a cool challenge though - to design a party for Bacardi Limon. One team had: Michael, Cassandra, and Matt while the other featured Andrea, Goyle, and Erik. I did agree with the judges that Michael, Cassandra, and Matt had the better room. It was clean and open and they had an amazing table with lemons inside of it. Andrea, Goyle, and Erik took too much of a risk with their avant-garde style and did not end up impressing the judges. Of the three, I expected Erik to go home the least but there it was - Johnathan Adler uttering the cheesiest words of reality tv: "See ya later, decorator". BLAHHH!!! Goyle really is a genius & I hope that he learns to grow a pair and speak up because he does great work. Though Andrea did a poor job this week, I have been rooting for her to win. She needs to gain my confidence back next week though!

So there you have it. I feel so accomplished now. Back to "working". Check back for a new recap soon!!

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