Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Amaing Race: Teams Get Patriotic (4/29/07)

Marked for elimination, Danny & Ozzie set out on the 12th leg of the race determined to finish first & secure their spot in the final 3. Their next destination is Guam, an island in the South Pacific. All teams board a flight together, with the exception of Cha Cha. However, they board a different flight which should put them in Guam at the same time if they can make the 45 minute connection in Tokyo. They are successful & all teams now have an even playing field.

Teams travel to the US Air Force Academy & are driven to a tower where they find a detour. Teams choose between delivering a care package or scour clean a B-52 bomber. Everyone chose the engine except Charla & Mirna who chose the care package because it was a humanitarian challenge. I like them more & more each week. Dustin & Kandice finish first, followed by Eric & Danielle, Ozzie & Danny, and Charla & Mirna now in last place.

All teams find their next clue at the US Naval Base – it’s a Road Block. Teams have to navigate through the jungle to find one of four officers using a GPS device. Dustin completes her task with ease while Danielle & Charla struggle. Ozzie & Danny arrive last but set out right away on the Road Block. Danielle & Charla finally get it together, finishing their task while Danny & Ozzie end up last again.

The 12th pit stop is Fort Soledad & the last team to check in will be eliminated. The Beauty Queens arrive first & have a chance at becoming the first all female team to ever win The Amazing Race. They also won all terrain vehicles as a reward for the first place finish. They are followed by Eric & Danielle in 2nd place & Charla & Mirna. Just as they thought, Ozzie & Danny are eliminated.

This leaves me to root for Charla & Mirna in the final leg. Danny & Ozzie also express their support for that team, calling them a class act. Who will win? Be sure to check out the finale next week on NBC at 8pm EST.

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