Tuesday, May 1, 2007

American Idol: Two Must Go (5/1/07)

I have to admit, when I heard tonight was Bon Jovi night, I got scared. What the heck were these finalists going to sing (and sound good with)? We find out as the final 6 vie for the top 4 spots in the competition.

Phil – Blaze Of Glory: Guess what? I’ve turned into a little bit of a Phil fan. I thought he did well on country night 2 weeks ago & he was even better tonight. I think he’s the best male singer but the other two have more charisma & are better looking, so they stand out more. While Randy & Paula raved, Simon called him a bad actor & called it “okay”.

Jordin – Livin’ On A Prayer: I didn’t think the girls were going to fare well this week. That song didn’t do it for me. She looked like she was playing dress-up & the song wasn’t in a great key to really show off how awesome she is. The judges agree, saying it wasn’t her best. Yeah, I’d say! Hopefully, her fans bring her back next week.

Lakisha – This Ain’t A Love Song: Lakisha was able to do what Jordin couldn’t, pick a song that’s right for her voice. I’m not jumping on any Lakisha bandwagon anytime soon & I’m not sure she’s totally safe next week. It was a good song choice with a good vocal with a fair performance that kicked into gear 2/3 of the way in. The 3 judges raved mostly & Simon said he could kiss her … which he did! Did that just happen?! Her lip gloss is still lingering on his lips. :::shudder::::

Blake – You Give Love A Bad Name: Blake decides to change things up with both his look & the arrangement of the song. I’m not sure what the judges will say but I LOVE the arrangement. Judges too often complain about karaoke renditions of songs & I think Blake put his own flavor on it. This is really a great opportunity to highlight what he can do! I’m back to loving Blake. The judges raved – YAY!

Chris – Wanted Dead Or Alive: Let’s not forget Daughtry recorded this last year for the season album. Chris has got some cahones taking this on. I ended up fast forwarding through most of the song because I’m not a huge fan of his voice. The judges were semi-complimentary. They’re unsure of his fate tomorrow night. I think he’s silly.

Melinda – Have A Nice Day: This just isn’t a night for the girls. I have to say that there is no denying her voice but I just feel that Bon Jovi is ill suited for this group of contestants. I would have rather seen her pick one of his ballads. She did the best she could with the song. Randy called it not her best, Paula adds nothing (what else is new?), and Simon calls her a young Tina Turner.

President Bush just showed up on Idol, thanking the audience for Idol Gives Back but not before doing some shtick with Laura. That was stranger than the Simon/Lakisha kiss. Anyway, in my world, I’d see Chris & Lakisha going home tomorrow night. Votes from last week are combined with this week’s & 2 are headed home. Check out the Idol results tomorrow night on Fox at 9pm EST.


Lisa said...

I missed tonight's idol! Luckily I can read the recap here! I'm routing for Jordan and Blake. They're my favorite so I hope they're in the final two!

Gina said...

Agreed - Melinda can come in 3rd for lookin like somebody's mom up there. Phil 4th. Chris 5th. Lakisha 6th. I'm good with that.