Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Bachelor: Six Become Four (4/30/07)

Tonight, 6 women become 4 as Andy decides which women he’d like to travel with to meet their families. All the women board the yacht, spending the day with Andy who is happy he doesn’t have to hand out any roses until the ceremony. First, he spends times with the brunettes where Tina causes an awkward moment by picking Andy’s teeth! Then, he’s off to the blondes where Bevin steals him away for a kayak ride on what was supposed to be a group date.

A package arrives at the house later for the girls for Stephanie who is invited out on a 1-on-1 date. Andy takes her to a winery where they can mix & make their own wine. They have a great time and Andy keeps trying to get her to open up. He asked her a lot of questions but she really wouldn’t give him much. The date cooled off quickly & it was time for Andy to prepare for another date.

The date box arrives for: Amber, Tina, Bevin, and Danielle – meaning Tessa gets the other 1-on-1 date. The 4 girls are picked up & head to a schoolyard where they repaint the playground there for 60 kindergarten students. Once they were finished, Andy surprised them by bringing out half the students to check out their new playground. The girls were thrilled & everyone spent time playing with the little ones.

When Andy picks up Tessa, he is not alone – he brought 2 million dollars worth of jewelry with him! This does not sit well with the other girls in the house, particularly Bevin who has developed very strong feelings for him. Andy takes Tessa dress shopping to pick out anything she wants (ahhh, every girl’s dream!). They have a wonderful time even as Tessa continues to express reservation.

At the rose ceremony, it’s time to decide who is getting the hometown dates which proves to be very stressful to Andy. Bevin gets her rose first, much to her delight. Amber, Tessa, and Danielle receiving the remaining roses, leaving Tina & Stephanie out in the cold. Andy’s comin’ to CT (my home state)! Next week looks interesting and Bevin will spill her secret to Andy that she’s been married once before. I still think she might take the whole thing.

Kissing Tally: Bevin, Stephanie, Tessa

The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC!

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