Thursday, May 3, 2007

ANTM: Bye-Bye To Brittany (5/2/07)

Last night, Brittany's tears, excuses, and inability to book a job left her without a photo from Tyra. The models first had to go on a series of go-sees in Australia. While Dionne, Renee, and Jaslene shined, Natasha & Brittany made it back too late to qualify. Natasha took the news well but the same cannot be said for Brittany who launched into a tyrade of expletives, blaming her cab driver. This week's photos were shot in part by Tyra. Male models were used to help the girls create two sexy photos on the beach - one aimed at females & one aimed at a male audience. Despite strong photos, Brittany found herself in this week's bottom 2 with Dionne but the judges felt they saw more in Dionne. Just like that, Brittany (an early frontrunner) was out of the competition. Check back here tomorrow (Friday 5/4) for an exclusive interview with Brittany!

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