Thursday, May 3, 2007

Survivor: Kinda Like A Ninja (5/3/07)

When I interviewed Mookie last week, he told me that the tribe wanted Alex out before him because he had been hurt & not eaten much. They felt Alex was a bigger threat in the individual immunity competitions. Alex must have gotten wind of this plan. In tonight's episode, we find out that at the last tribal council, Alex turned on Mookie, voting him out, and saves his own butt. Alex goes undercover to try to figure out where can shake things up ... just like a ninja.

At the reward challenge, tribe members must rip pieces of pork off a hanging rope & bring it back to their plate using only their mouths. The winner & 2 runners up will be picked up by a helicopter tour of the islands & white water rafting. The challenge was pretty gross but the survivors gave it all they had. In the end, Boo comes in 1st with Yau Man & Dreamz in 2nd & 3rd respectively. As the winner, Boo gets to choose who he'll send to Exile Island and he sends Earl. Boo ALSO wins an advantage at the next immunity challenge - damn, this guy cleaned up!

Upon arriving to the immunity challenge, Boo finds out he automatically advances to the finals. The rest must fight it out to advance by digging up 3 paddle steps buried deep in sand. Dreamz & Alex move on the finals to take on Boo. They now must use the paddle steps to build a ladder, climb a pole, and grab their flag. Alex makes a valiant effort by trying to scale the pole but in the end, Boo pulls out a win, earning him immunity which he so desperately needed.

Back at camp, the general concensus seems to be to vote Alex unanimously out. He decides not to fight for his life but let people come to him. His plan works and soon, is approached by Cassandra & Alex uses last ditch efforts to sway her. Alex tried to get the tribe to turn on Yau Man so the idol is out of play & a strong candidate for the million dollars is out. Alex's efforts were in vain as he becomes the 12th person voted out of Fiji.

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