Wednesday, May 2, 2007

American Idol: Two Get The Boot (5/2/07)

I am not a happy camper. First, I had to relive the Simon/Lakisha kiss - yucktastic. Then, I had to watch some creepy guy sing a song I've never heard in his falsetto while skulking around the stage. (Skulk - SAT word. The only one I remember. To sneak around.) But then, Phil eats it instead of Lakisha. NO! Like I've said, Phil grew on me throughout this competition. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think Phil should be in the top 4, I just wanted him out before Kiki. Then, to no one's surprise, Chris left his best buddy Blake behind. But don't worry, guys, they're touring together ... for $85 a ticket. Sanjaya & Haley aren't worth my 85 cents. I like how, on Idol, they make people sing the very song that got them voted out. "Well, Chris, America thought you sucked but why don't you sing that piece of crap for us one more time? Remind everyone that they made the right decision!" I expect record deals for both so I think they'll be fine. Now hula dance your way over to Sanjaya & wait until you get to come back for the live finale singing "Wind Beneath My Wings" in 12 part harmony. Next week, Barry Gibb is the mentor - and I assume they're singing disco. Trying to highlight the girls much???

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