Friday, July 27, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Mike Dutz (CBS's "Big Brother 8")

Mike Dutz is a 26-year-old painting contractor from Wisconsin and became the 3rd houseguest evicted from the Big Brother House in last night's live episode. His alliance to Kail and his refusal to be anything other than himself cost him the game. Mike takes time to talk to RealityCheckByGina about "the dumbest move in Big Brother history" & the Mrs. Robinson Alliance.

RC: Were you a fan of previous seasons of Big Brother? Who were your favorite players?
Mike: Yeah, the first season I watched was season 6. In season 6 which led right into All-Stars, my favorite players were Janelle & Kaysar.

RC: What made you want to participate in Big Brother 8?
Mike: I thought it would be a very unique challenge. Being that I am the person that I am & holding the values that I do, I thought it would be an awesome reward to go through the game without manipulating & lying.

RC: In the exit tapes last night, Dustin said he really didn’t know you. Can you tell us a little more about yourself?
Mike: I’m a guy who’s very intellectual. I like to have conversation that have depth & meaning to them. I like to talk about politics, religion, science, math, history – the boring stuff that people don’t talk about. That’s why it was hard with some of the people in the house. They watned to scheme or talk strategy

RC: In the first episode, when host Julie Chen mentioned there would be rivals, did you think perhaps you could have one in the house?
Mike: I knew 100% there wouldn’t be a rival showing up.

RC: Did you feel it threw off the game to have people in the house with such animosity towards each other?
Mike: Yeah, it threw off the game. The strategy I had coming into the game was immediately thrown off when people had a history together. I had to take a different approach.

RC: What made you decide to align yourself with Kail so quickly?
Mike: The reason why was more pressure than anything. She became HOH the first week, sought me out, and asked me to be in an alliance with her. I felt pressure to do so because if I didn’t, she’d view me as a threat. It was an effort to save myself but it just so happened to work out where we align ourselves with the same values. It wasn’t my immediate choice.

RC: How soon after the “Mrs. Robinson Alliance” was formed did you realize it wasn’t going to work out?
Mike: It was probably sometime in week 2. The communication levels were dropping immensely. I started having trust issues with Nick. I thought he was playing both sides. There were some occurrences I’d ask Nick a question & I’d get a different response than what was told to me by another person. The other person was Jen & I don’t think she had any reason to lie. The trust factor was getting real low. Nick never talked to Kail so she felt out of the loop. The paranoia took over and communication broke down.

RC: Julie told you last night your move to get Dick out of the POV competition has been called the dumbest in Big Brother history. How do you respond to that?
Mike: I think people are overreacting in that aspect. I think the dumbest move would have been compromising my own character & hiding behind the shadows of others, floating through. I took the opportunity to show my values in that I was a man true to my word in hopes that people would truly see what I was doing.

RC: Why do people go along with Dick’s every move despite how confrontational & argumentative he can be?
Mike: I’m not exactly sure why people are going along with it. It might coincidental because he was HOH in the third week so people went along with it. He flies off the handle pretty easily. Nobody wants outbursts or to feel uncomfortable. I think it was a matter of the scenario at hand.

RC: Were you surprised to learn that Eric is America’s Player & must do everything they say? Do you think that could be his demise?
Mike: I was really surprised. I certainly wouldn’t have found that out until later on in the game when the votes couldn’t be hidden as easily. Thinking back, Eric was acting peculiar. I think it very well could be his demise. If anything were to make him crumble, that would be it.

RC: Who is the best player in the house right now? Who’s got the most game?
Mike: Honestly, going back to Eric, I think he has the most potential in the house. He has everyone from all sides liking him. He has that in his favor where I don’t think anyone would really consider putting him on the block.

RC: What’s in the future for you now that you’re out of the Big Brother house?
Mike: I’ll be going back to everyday life before the Big Brother house. If some opportunity comes along & sweeps me off my feet, I’ll consider that.

The next episode of Big Brother airs Sunday night on CBS

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