Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Big Brother 8: Dick's On A Power Trip (7/24/07)

Dick continues his vendetta against Kail & Jen continues as he vows to get one of them out of the house, preferably Kail. She tries her best to start thinking up a game plan to save herself but it might be a long shot. The two nominees plot together to stay in the house but Kail feels like Dick will get his way. She doesn’t want any of her former alliance members competing in the Power of Veto competition but Mike swears that, if he wins, he’ll take one of them off the block.

Let’s check in with Eric, America’s Player, to see what his next assignment will be. His next task is to vandalize the property of Jen. He executes this by putting mustard all over one of her “Jen” shirts when she steps outside for a minute. Jen’s reaction was the following: “It was just like, kinda like, Are you serious? Like…” Like. Jen overlooks Eric & immediately goes for Dick & Daniele as the culprits.

Before the Power of Veto competition, players must be selected. Besides Dick, Kail, and Jen competing, Zach, Nick, and Jessica will also play. This is Kail’s worst nightmare & Dick continues to stir the pot by getting inside her head before the game. Suddenly, the competitors are wearing silly Mad Hatter outfits & the backyard has been set up like a tea party. The houseguests must stand on a pedestal with a glass balanced on their hat. Whoever lasts the longest, wins.

Kail goes out first and it looks like her chances are staying in the house are gone. The houseguests not competing get to come out in ridiculous outfits to try to distract the others. Jessica, not being able to control her laughter, goes out next. She is followed by Nick & Zach. The last two standing are Jen & Dick, who tries to convince Jen to step down but she won’t hear of it. Dustin jumps in to distract her by putting on the unitard & dancing around. Kail notes that everyone works to get rid of Jen while only Mike goes after Dick.
Mike steps up with his loyalty to Kail by helping her get Dick off the pedestal. Dick responds by threatening to put Mike up and Mike rattles his cage so much that he actually steps down! The day does not continue to go Dick’s way as he finds out Zach, Nick, and Jen were in the HOH room without his permission. He doesn’t want Jen in the room & he flips on Nick for letting her in. Dick gets paranoid thinking Nick was in an alliance with Jen & Zach, talking game in his room.

Dick confronts Nick who swears he’s not in any alliance. The only alliance he has is with Daniele because he likes her so much. Daniele pulls Dick aside to tell him that he’s pissing everyone in the house off by going on a power trip & talking down to everyone. Dick calls her out because her relationship with Nick is complicating the game. Nick has gotten in the way enough that makes Dick want to maybe get rid of him now. Hear that? Hope for Kail!

At the veto meeting, Jen (of course) uses the Power of Veto on herself. This leaves Dick to choose a new nominee, and he chooses Mike, sticking to his original plan. Who will go home? And who will America ask Eric to try to get eliminated? Find out on Thursday’s all new episode of Big Brother 8 on CBS!

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