Friday, July 27, 2007

A Reality Check With ... Jaimie Goodwin & Kameron Bink (FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance")

On last night's "So You Think You Can Dance", America chose to eliminate contemporary dancers Jaimie Goodwin & Kameron Bink. Jaimie was no stranger to the bottom group, having landed there before but Kameron was a first-timers. Along with Lauren & Dominic, the bottom 4 danced solos but their fate had already been decided by America. Jaimie & Kameron have made the tour and are here with RealityCheckByGina to talk about their time on the show.

RC: What is your dance training & background?
Jaimie: I have been doing ballet, tap, & jazz since I was 7. When I was 12, I went into lyrics & pointe work as well as musical theater & contemporary. I did flamenco, too!
Kameron: My sister started dancing & I wanted to do it too. I started off in acrobatics & tap, actually, when I was six. I got into jazz, ballet, and more recently, I’ve been concentrating on contemporary & hip-hop. I grew up in a dance studio until I was 16

RC: Jaimie, Hok was so apologetic, feeling that he was responsible for you landing in the bottom 3 a few times. What is your response to that?
Jaimie: My response to Hok is, I tell him this all the time: He takes so much responsibility but it takes two in a partnership. If he messed up, it wouldn’t have put us in the bottom 3 just because of him. My fans slacked off & his did, too! I’m totally kidding. It’s not like he was responsible, though.

RC: Kameron, you’ve never been in the bottom before. What was that like for you?
Kameron: It was definitely a new experience. I didn’t realize how much pressure I was feeling. I knew that the solos wouldn’t make a difference on the outcome but, for some reason, I still had nerves going out there. I knew I was on a national stage at that point & it was very nervewracking but it was exciting, too.

RC: Were you proud of the solos you performed last night?
Jaimie: I feel that I was happy with it. I mean, it’s always different on stage than you feel in rehearsal. We all feel really confident in rehearsal. There’s so much adrenaline that you do things you never thoughts you’d do. I think it’s important to always be happy with what you did & you shouldn’t regret anything.
Kameron: I really wasn’t completely prepared to do my solo last night. I’m really happy how far I’ve come in the competition so I make no apologies.

RC: Kameron, set the record straight. Is there a romance between you & Lacey?
Kameron: There is no romance! We had a little bit of chemistry on stage & when you’re with your partner 24/7, you’re going to naturally have chemistry together. When it is put out on stage, people like to play with things they see or hear or think they see & hear. No, there is no real romance. I had a showmance.

RC: Jaimie, I heard from some of the other dancers that everyone got really competitive when it got down to the top 14 and 12. Did you notice a change in the atmosphere?
Jaimie: I honestly didn’t feel a change. I was very close with the top five girls & we were really close & relaxed. Once we got to top 10, I felt like there was less competition. We all said to each other that we were so satisfied once we had made top 10.

RC: What does the future hold for both of you?
Jaimie: I fell in love with California the last few months but my original plan was to move to New York. I would love to be in a company for contemporary. I mainly found the ones I’m interested in out in New York & Chicago. I do love California, though. I’m hoping to be able to hit all those bases.
Kameron: Obviously for the next few months, we’ll be on tour. After seeing the country, I want to move out here to L.A. to see what opportunities are here in the commercial dance world. I want to see where things take me & do what I love to do.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesdays & Thursdays on FOX

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