Sunday, July 29, 2007

Big Brother 8: An In-Jen-ius Nomination (7/29/07)

Dick is convinced that Jen went against him, attempting to vote out Kail. Actually, it was Eric but as America's Player, he has to keep that under wraps. Nick and Amber speculate that it was Jessica who went against the house. Amber really thinks it's Nick. Paranoia is spreading throughout the house. Lucky for Eric, his name hasn't been mentioned once. Dick decides it must have been Nick and is now gunning for him.

As Head Of Household, Dustin is after Jen, Kail, Zach, and Nick. Amber is so excited for Dustin and, not surprisingly, can't contain her emotions about it. In his HOH room, Dustin is so happy to see all his pictures of his family and receives a letter from his brother. Dustin breaks down and he very much misses his family. It must be hard for their families to see them on tv but for them not to see their families and be so out of touch with the rest of the world.

At dinner, Dick and Amber get into a huge fight because Amber says that her dog is like her child. Amber continuously says, "Love is love" and defends herself while Dick won't drop it. He continues his reign of terror in the house by playing practical jokes in the middle of the night. Also running against Dick in the unpopularity contest is Zach, who doesn't appear to have many fans in the house. Daniele sums it up by saying: "I would rather eat slop for a month than have to sit with Zach for an hour." Ouch.

When Dick tries once again to talk things out with Daniele, it doesn't go well. Daniele is frustrated and emotional and doesn't feel like being in the house is worth it anymore. She doesn't want someone putting her down and his words over the years have really damaged her. Dick goes back and forth between trying to be understanding and getting very defensive. He ends the conversation, consoling her and vowing that things will never go back to the way they are.

It's time for the food competition and of course, everyone is looking to steer clear of slop. The houseguests partner up and while some are happy with their partnerships (i.e. Jen & Amber, Nick & Daniele), some are less than thrilled (i.e. Dick & Kail, Eric & Zach). Partners must find pieces of a puzzle to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Jameka & Jessica, partners, have been on slop for 2 weeks and look to finally have some real food. They end up winning and couldn't be more excited.

As the winners, Jameka & Jessica must choose five people to put on slop for the rest of the week. Dick was chosen first, since he hasn't been on slop before. They put Zach on slop next and then Kail, Nick, and Jen. Jen is actually happy to be on slop because it will help control her indulgence in food and perhaps she'll shed a few pounds. That's a new way to look at it!

Kail goes to Dustin, asking to be put on the block as a pawn to get someone else out of the house. She's fully aware it could backfire but she takes that risk. When Jen goes running to Dustin in order to save herself, he calls her out, thinking that she was the one who voted for Kail. She at least gets him thinking of putting up Zach.

Let's check in with America's Player, Eric, to see what he has to pull tonight. He needs to try to get Jen nominated for eviction, which he's happy about. Dustin tries to figure out who he should put up: Jen, Nick, or Kail. Everyone is on board for Nick & Kail but Eric keeps pushing for Jen. At the nomination ceremy, Eric gets his wish as Jen & Kail are nominated for eviction. Both are worried but it seems only Kail needs to be, as Dustin lets us know Kail is no pawn. She's the one the house wants out.

Who will win Power of Veto? And who will leave the Big Brother house? Find out this week on Big Brother 8 on CBS.

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