Monday, July 30, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: From Three To The Final Two (7/30/07)

At last week’s surprising nomination ceremony, Bonnie put up Rock & Julia. Chef Ramsay chose Julia to leave Hell’s Kitchen but promised to personally send her to culinary school. No one expected Julia to leave and everyone takes the news hard. There are tears all around – even from Rock!

It’s time for the chefs to dry their tears because a challenge is coming their way. He brought his mom for this special challenge. For tonight’s challenge, they’ll have to take comfort food and turn it into fine dining. Bonnie is given franks & beans, Jen chooses fried chicken, and Rock must do a take on spaghetti & meatballs. Their mothers are brought in as surprise judges and without knowing whose dish they tasted, Jen’s dish was unanimously chosen as the favorite. For her prize, Jen & her mom get a meal with Chef Ramsay & his mom.

At dinner service, each chef must take a turn running the kitchen. Before they start cooking, the chefs take a turn going through a quick training in being assertive. Apparently, swearing makes you assertive. The sous chefs are sent in at service to fill the gaps and must purposely mess up to see if the contestants catch it. Jen misses her first quality control test but quickly catches on, picking up on other mistakes.

Rock passes Chef Ramsay’s quality control test but does not do well with time management. With half the restaurant left to be fed, Bonnie steps up to the quality control challenge. She does well maintaining the standards while Jen screws up by overcooking the risotto. However, they manage to finish dinner service and now, Chef Ramsay has the tough task of eliminating someone, thereby choosing the final two.

Chef Ramsay is faced with a tough decision and first, chooses Rock to go to the finals. He chooses Jen to leave Hell’s Kitchen, moving Bonnie into the finals along with Rock. Chef Ramsay commends Jen on a job well done and sends her on her way. Who will win Hell’s Kitchen? Find out next Monday at 9pm EST on FOX.

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Lisa said...

I finally had the chance to watch tonight's episode. I'm routin' for Bonnie!