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So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 18 (6/20/07)

Last week, we witnessed the departures of contemporary dancers Ashlee Langas & Ricky Palomino. Which pair will be the next to go? It’s up to you to keep your favorite dancers in the competition. Tonight’s Top 18 will be judged by Nigel, Mary, and contemporary choreographer Mia Michaels, who voiced her upset at Ricky & Ashlee’s dismissal last week. Nigel encouraged the viewers to vote for dancers regardless of training or background. We’ll see who earns our votes tonight. I received many emails last week from readers asking me for the names of songs featured on the episodes so … ask & ye shall receive!

Lauren & Neil – Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott (“The Way I Are” by Timbaland): This piece is right up Lauren’s alley & sends Neil into uncharted waters. Though it’s danced well, it mostly fails to capture my interest until Neil starts showing off his bag o’ tricks. It’s a shame since I think they’re both brilliant when they dance solo in their style. Mia feels there was a big improvement from last week & said she could’ve done without Lauren, Mary felt the chemistry that was missing last week, and Nigel loved them both. To vote for Lauren & Neil, call 1-888-TEMPO-01.

Jessi & Pasha – Jazz choreographed by Tyce Diorio (“Stiff Jazz” by dZihan & Kamien): Who can forget Heidi & Travis’s African-inspired piece last season? Tonight’s pair are very in sync with one another & put on a very entertaining performance. The two just have the charisma it takes to make it far in this competition. Mia went from not feelin’ Pasha in Vegas to being very proud of him, Mary thought it was terrific, and Nigel praises both for showing range in their dancing abilities. To vote for Jessi & Pasha, call 1-888-TEMPO-02.

Jaimie & Hok – Samba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux (“Bang Bang To The Rock n Roll” by Gabin): If you didn’t know Hok was a hip-hop dancer, you’d think ballroom was his forte. The guy is by far my favorite in the competition – he can do anything! He & Jaimie have great chemistry & work extremely well together. Mia found it amazing especially since neither have ever danced samba, Mary has to disagree & said it didn’t “cut the mustard”, Nigel felt it was a great performance with some technical things that need work. To vote for Jaimie & Hok, call 1-888-TEMPO-03.

Sabra & Dominic – Contemporary choreographed by Mandy Moore (“I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders): Sabra is fittingly a contemporary dancer but Dominic is a b-boy so this is quite a stretch for him. The piece is about men & women shown through animals & it’s pulled off with flying colors. Hopefully, they’ve done enough to pull them out of the bottom groups. Mia tells Dominic that he is what this competition is about, Mary felt the partnering was really there & loved the piece, and Nigel commends Dominic for taking this competition so seriously … so seriously he shaved his toes for this piece! To vote for Sabra & Dominic, call 1-888-TEMPO-04.

Faina & Cedric – Fox Trot choreographed by Hunter Johnson (“You’re The Boss” by Elvis Presley & Ann-Margret): With no formal training, it will be interesting to see how Cedric will fare in this very technical style of dance. Faina, on the other hand, is right at home with a ballroom style. Cedric looks good & is a solid partner for Faina but technically, has things to work on. The judges are harsh: Mia says that while Cedric is brilliant but expected more, Mary criticizes Cedric’s technique & tells him to pick it up, and Nigel fears these two will find them in the bottom 3 again this week. To vote for Faina & Cedric, call 1-888-TEMPO-05.

Lacey & Kameron – Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio (“All That Jazz” from the Chicago soundtrack): Lacey & Kameron are my favorite pair in the competition & they’ve got the dancing chops to go all the way this season. The two have amazing chemistry on & off the dance floor. Their routine is fun, energetic, and is a hit with the audience! Mia calls them the sexiest couple but wanted more pizzazz, Mary loved it, and Nigel said it looks like they’ve been dancing together for years. To vote for Lacey & Kameron, call 1-888-TEMPO-06.

Anya & Danny – Viennese Waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson (“You & Me” by Lifehouse): Both dancers admit they have no idea what the Viennese Waltz is so tonight should be interesting for the pair. They have much to live up to as Jessi & Pasha really nailed this genre last week. Technically, these two are pretty flawless & though I could’ve done with a different costume/hairstyle for Anya, they give the audience a strong, romantic performance. Mia found the piece gorgeous & stunning, Mary calls it absolutely beautiful & lets out her signature scream, and Nigel says it’s the routine of the night. To vote for Anya & Danny, call 1-888-TEMPO-07.

Shauna & Jimmy – Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott (“U Sexy Girl” by Fat Man Scoop): Dave Scott incorporates stepping in tonight’s routine with the rookie hip-hop dancers. The two give it all they got & dance to impress. I’m surprised at how well they pull off the routine. I wish they didn’t mic the stepping – because of the delay, it sounded like they were off the music when they were not. Mia wants to see Shauna let go a little more, Mary feels the pair stepped up from last week, and Nigel calls it the f word: “fun”. To vote for Shauna & Jimmy, call 1-888-TEMPO-08.

Sara & Jesus – Pasa Doble choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux (“We Will Rock You” remix by Queen): I’m not sure I like the combination of song & choreography but there’s no denying the talent that Sara & Jesus bring to the table. However, the dance doesn’t deliver the way last week’s Broadway routine did. They definitely set the bar high for themselves in week 1. Mia found the routine awkward, Mary liked the choreography & praises both dancers, and Nigel was glad the duo stuck to the style of the dance. To vote for Sara & Jesus, call 1-888-TEMPO-09.

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