Monday, June 18, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: Why Can't Anybody Cook? (6/18/07)

The dust hasn’t settled from the last elimination & Josh is still upset that his name is called. Meanwhile, the women continue to enjoy their last win, vowing to keep the streak going. Both teams head to bed for a good night of sleep … but a good night of sleep is not what they get. They are woken up at 6am by Reveille and must be get dressed quickly to head downstairs so they can make a proper military breakfast. What a surprise – there’s work to be done & Aaron doesn’t feel well. In fact, he moves so slow that two of the guys have to dress him! Only in Hell’s Kitchen.

The red team will be cooking for the Army while the blue team cooks for the Navy. The first team to serve all 50 people wins the challenge. The women seem very organized with Julia leading the team while Aaron tries to step up on the blue team to make omelets. 17 minutes into breakfast, the women have served 20 of their guests while the blue team has served no one, thanks to Aaron. Josh & Brad pick up the slack & start moving food out of the kitchen to the tables.

The women’s strong start slows down quickly as they start producing raw & undercooked food. The men are even worse & Julia is sent over to get some food to the Navy. Julia can’t save them & once again, the blue team suffers a loss. Their punishment is to prep food for an entire military base … over 1000 pounds worth of produce! The women, on the other hand, get to take a helicopter ride to an aircraft carrier where they receive a tour & earn quality time with Chef Ramsay.

It’s around that time in the blue kitchen. There’s work to be done. Cue Aaron, who goes down for the count the minute it’s time to prep. Paramedics are called in & he is rushed to the hospital. The remaining men continue to argue & once again, no leader emerges. Once the prepping is over, the men have a meeting to try to determine a leader. The only problem is – EVERYONE wants to be a leader. Finally, Brad is voted as the team leader & hopefully, he can get the team a needed victory.

In the hospital, Aaron receives a phone call from Chef Ramsay but the news is not good. On doctors’ orders, he is too ill & may not return to the kitchen to compete any further. Dinner service, and life, must go on without Aaron, who provided lots of drama in Hell’s Kitchen. We’ll miss you, Aaron.

At dinner service, the blue team begins to turn it around while the red team can’t seem to get one appetizer out. The red team feels the wrath of Chef Ramsay: Bonnie serves raw food while Joanna serves rancid crab. I’m not sure I want a table in Hell’s Kitchen anymore! On the other side, when the blue team serves a raw egg, Chef Ramsay slams it right into Vinnie, who needs to be held back by Rock. However, perhaps the worst act is committed by Jen who picks spaghetti out of the trash, washes it off, and attempts to serve it to customers. Julia catches it but does not tell Chef Ramsay. Yeah, I definitely don’t want a table in Hell’s Kitchen.

When customers begin walking out, Chef shuts down Hell’s Kitchen. He feels there is no winning team but since he must name a loser, he chooses the red team for their embarrassing mistakes. The red team has to decide which 2 will be nominated for elimination as opposed to one person choosing. Joanna suggested herself & Jen but much of the team guns for Julia because they feel she doesn’t know the products enough to run a top-notch restaurant. Joanna announces to Chef Ramsay that she is the first nominee & that the team has chosen Julia as the second nominee but Jen steps in to nominate herself as well. Julia is immediately sent back to the group & Chef Ramsay ends up sending home Joanna.

Though Aaron is unavailable for interviews, I WILL be speaking to Joanna tomorrow so make sure you check back to get the whole story!

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