Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pirate Master: Revenge Is The Name Of The Game (6/21/07)

The pirates are back tonight in an all-new episode of Pirate Master along with Azmyth, who brings along his ridiculous accent. Last week, Jay bribed Sean to vote for Cheryl instead of Alexis at pirates court. We learn that Sean went back on his word and now, Jay is out for revenge. Revenge also motivates Louie to continue to gun for Joe Don. While the men are hell bent on ousting each other, the women are fed up with Nessa, who uses her flirtations to win over the opposite sex.

As usual, the pirates will be split into two crews for tonight’s treasure hunt: the captain & his officers will be part of the black crew while the red crew opposes. The black crew will be Azmyth, Jay, Jupiter, Laurel, Christa, Cheryl, and Joe Don while the opposing red crew is comprised of Louie, Ben, Joy, Kendra, Nessa, and Sean. The pirates must row to shore to find a trail into the jungle where they will find the opportunity to sabotage. From there, they head to the croc’s head landmark where they’ll find their next clue. The seemingly weaker red crew is surprisingly keeping a good pace with the black crew but the black crew gets to the sabotage first.

With the black crew maintaining a good lead, they head to the next part of the hunt, leading them back to a nearby canyon to find the treasure. The red crew is behind but stays positive, in hopes that the black crew has made a mistake. Their prayers are answered & Azmyth has led the team on a wild goose chase all over the island, costing the black crew the money … and the power. Once again, a new captain must be voted on & I couldn’t be happier that Louie is unanimously chosen. Sean & Nessa are chosen as Louie’s officers & Louie receives a bonus, a pardon from pirate’s court. The other pirates may bid on it before he marks the others for elimination.

When it’s time for the officers to hand out black spots, Azmyth, Cheryl, & Joe Don have been marked for elimination. All of those marked have been so for personal reasons which doesn’t sit well with all the pirates. Azmyth is chosen to stand in front of pirates and be judged as a former captain, Cheryl has been picked for her association with Joe Don, and we all know why Louie has chosen Joe Don: for his selfish actions as the first captain. Before a pirate can be cut adrift, the highest bidder of the pardon is named: Joe Don, who spent $7,000. His money is wasted and before the next elimination, he must sell it. Cheryl (who didn't bid on the pardon) receives the most votes & is cut adrift.

Check back tomorrow on RealityCheckByGina, I’ll be talking to Cheryl about her time on Pirate Master.

A new episode of Pirate Master airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on CBS.

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