Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dancing With The Stars: The Final Dance - part 1 (5/21/07)

Last night, the final 3 pairs took the dance floor performing 2 of their 3 final dances. Tonight, they will dance one last time for scores from the judges & the winner will be announced! In round 1, the judges chose the style of dance. In round 2, the pairs got to freestyle to show what they have learned & "bring it"! Here's what went down on the dance floor.

Laila & Max - Pasa Doble
Fast Fact: The pair received 3 7s the last time they attempted this dance.
Carrie-Ann said: great extensions, she was happy to see Laila pull punches
Len said: fantastic, lovely twists & turns
Bruno: called it her best acting performance to date
Total Score: 29 out of 30

Apolo & Julianne - Rhumba
Fast Fact: Last week's chacha was deemed too raunchy for Len who deducted them for it.
Carrie-Ann said: the dance was overperformed
Len: it lacked romance
Bruno: the pair could have conceived a baby on the dance floor
Total Score: 28 out of 30

Joey & Kym - ChaCha
Fast Fact: They were in the bottom 2 last week.
Carrie-Ann said: the dance was not right as a chacha
Len: too theatrical
Bruno: odd
Total Score: 26 out of 30
In the freestyle round...

Laila & Max took it old school but the judges wished for more elegance. 26 out of 30.

Apolo & Julianne went hip-hop, wowing the crowd. 30 out of 30 - perfect!
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Joey & Kym gave us disco, showing off tecnhique & pizazz. 30 out of 30 - perfect!

The final scores for last night's dance-off are:
1. Apolo & Julianne - 58 out of 60
2. Joey & Kym - 56 out of 60
3. Laila & Max - 55 out of 60

I've been rooting for Apolo all along - I really hope he gets to take home the giant disco ball tonight!

Dancing With The Stars airs tonight on ABC at 9pm EST.
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