Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol:

It's the final performance night of American Idol before a new winner is crowned tomorrow night. Blake vs. Jordin: The Entertainer vs. The Voice - who will win? It's going to be a tight race & I'm sure the votes will come in in record numbers.

Round 1
Blake reprises "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi, showing off his superior beatboxing skills. Randy gives him a 10 for beatboxing but says the vocals weren't all there which Simon agrees with. Paula said something about a nice tie - thanks, Paula. Jordin breaks out a new one, Christina Aguilera's "Fighter". While Randy & Paula gave her high marks, Simon didn't think her vocals were so great & gave round 1 to Blake.

Round 2
Blake breaks another Maroon 5 song (he has previously sung "This Love"), performing "She Will Be Loved". Randy compliments his vocals in this round which proves Blake has both the vocal & entertaining skills. Paula thought he sang with ease but Simon felt the song didn't have much of an impact. Jordin chooses a Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing" which she sang earlier in the season. The judges rave & it seems round 2 goes to Jordin.

Round 3
Blake & Jordin sing the winning song from the songwriting competition. Blake's song is called "This Is My Now" - the judges didn't love the vocals mostly because it's not in his genre. This is certainly not the king of song we would expect to hear from Blake. Jordin closes the show with the same song & I'm having flashbacks to Kelly/Justin & season 1's "A Moment Like This". The song was very skewed for Kelly to win & I worry producers are doing the same here. The judges feel Jordin deserves it all.

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Will Jordin win or will Blake upset? Tune in tomorrow night with the rest of America as we find out who the next Idol will be.

If you're voting tonight:
Blake 1-866-IDOLS-01, 1-866-IDOLS-03, 1-866-IDOLS-05
Jordin 1-866-IDOLS-02, 1-866-IDOLS-04, 1-866-IDOLS-06

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Usually I can predict who's going to win, but this season could definitely go either way. In any case, I'm routin' for Jordin!