Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Bachelor: The Final Rose (5/21/07)

I have a talent. A gift, really. I always back the girl who gets dumped on national tv. During The Bachelor: Rome, I picked Sadie but Lorenzo picked Jen. And when The Bachelor: New York featured Charlie O'Connell, he picked Sarah but I rooted for good ol' what's-her-name. Such is the case this season. Despite having to warm up to Bevin, I pulled for her all season long. When Andy dumped her at the final rose ceremony, I couldn't believe it. More shocked than me - Bevin, who could not even find words to speak. I actually felt bad for her. Damn you, Bachelor, you got me.

At least Andy admitted in his ABC conference call last week what a cheeseball he was. It made me feel better knowing he was aware & actually proud of it. His own sister laughed at him when he did a Baldwin family huddle in their living room at the start of last night's finale. Both Tessa & Bevin came to PA to meet Andy's family. Both women left lasting impressions though both had their struggles. Tessa fumbled when the Baldwins asked where she saw herself in 5 years. Bevin talked about wanting to work with people who were sexually dysfunctional & her religion that she was raised in - the Bahai faith. Still, after the family meetings, it looked like Bevin was winning.

Bevin looked like the frontrunner the whole episode. On the final 1-on-1 dates, Bevin told Andy she loved him. But hold up, Bevin. Tessa dropped the L-word too! Lots of gift-giving & making out took place. Andy says when Bevin said she loved him, it was the best moment of the whole show. Wait a minute. He ALSO said when Tessa said SHE loved him, that's what he had been waiting for. I'd pay a lot of money to have been sitting in the living room with the happy couple last night watching this back. Awkward much?

At the final rose ceremony, it was clear from the beginning of Andy's speech that he was letting Bevin down. The minute I saw her step out of the limo first, I knew what her fate would be. She never saw it coming, breaking down immediately & could not find words to say back to him. Bevin expressed herself more on the limo ride home saying she never thought she would be the one to get dumped, saying this always happened to her, and she felt like a fool. It's hard not to empathize with the girl. Tessa showed up last to a very happy Andy who proposed right there. She said yes (although rumors on the internet said she initially said no) & the two seemed very happy together.

Check back later today, I'll be talking to the new couple - Andy & Tessa! And don't forget tonight's reunion airs at 8pm on ABC!

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I agree. Andy is an idiot. Poor bevin.