Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top Design: Matt Has The Top Design (4/11/07)

Nothing I like more than to see one of my favorite contestants win a competition-based reality show. After watching Sam get booted & leave Top Chef in 3rd place, felt Bravo owed me one. And they delivered! Matt, the 32-year old designer from Chicago, has the top design after beating Carisa in a loft design challenge. The best part was that they got to design the 1700-foot loft for themselves. Part of the reason Matt was able to clinch the title was the design of his 4 year old daughter's room. Congratulations, Matt! We'll be looking forward to seeing your work in Elle Decor magazine.


Anonymous said...

The runner up's name is Carissa not Casandra.

Gina said...

Woah brain freeze, I had written Casandra. That's what happens when you blog on no sleep! Thanks for catching that.

ReeAllyTease said...

I figured as much, I actually thought had a brain freeze and wondered why all this time I had misread her label on the show. But in Bravo form it was replaying and I saw the correct name.

Personally I think she was a little immature but so were most of the contestants, and she does have her own point of view. Didn't think she'd win but didn't want the balding Andrea there either.

If Goil & Carissa got together, I think I'd love their room. Especially a 'sunken' bed to do freaky scenes in!