Tuesday, April 10, 2007

American Idol: Thank You, Simon! (4/10/07)

Thank you, Simon! FINALLY … SOMEONE … says something negative about Melinda. I have to say it. I’m not a Melinda fan. I’m not saying she’s not a mega-talent because she certainly is. But I’m not jumping on your bandwagon, America. I don’t get why you would choose her as the winner. She looks like somebody’s mother up there (I’m somebody’s mother but that’s not the point). What can we do with her marketing-wise, America? Have her make an R&B album and have her tour with some backup dancers? Put the woman on Broadway … do not give her the title of American Idol.

I feel better now.

Jennifer Lopez was tonight’s guest as Idol tackled Latin night. I still have nightmares of Anthony Federov singing Jon Secada so I went into tonight’s episode with trepidation. I was right. Tonight’s performances didn’t wow me. Maybe because NOBODY IS SPANISH. Or maybe because the Top 8 were tired, out of their element, feeling the pressure, something. Whatever, let’s break it down.

Melinda: Sway – I didn’t love it. Thought it was a boring performance. Again, she can sing. But miles away from her best.

Lakisha: Conga – She shouldn’t have danced. Randy & Paula said she looked like she was having fun … but I missed it.

Chris: Smooth – Great choice of song. The minute I heard he was singing it, I thought – “YES!” It wasn’t his best but a good choice. The end made up for a shaky beginning.

Haley: Turn The Beat Around – Put some clothes on! Yes, Simon. Way to call out Haley for using sex appeal to stay in the competition. I thought it was one of her better nights but I think she’s on the chopping block again, rightfully so.

Phil: Maria, Maria – The judges hit it on the head. The guy has a great upper register but no passion. I wonder if he even wants to be there anymore because he doesn’t seem to want it as badly as the others.

Jordin: Rhythm Is Gonna Get You - She’ll go far. I fully expect Jordin to go at least top 3. She’s young, hip, fun, with talent to boot.

Blake: I Need To Know – Smart performance. Despite the guy kinda looks like a hobbit (maybe Dominic Mognahan’s long lost brother), I’m still pulling for him to win. Marketable, marketable, marketable.

Sanjaya: Besame Mucho - Surprising. I had read good buzz about his performance this week and like you, thought, "Yeah, right!" But lo & behold, I didn't think it was bad. I think Phil & Haley will be bottom 2 & our good friend Sanjaya will be hanging' around at least another week.

There ya have it, America. Do with it what you will. We'll be watching tomorrow night.

P.S. Simon is my favorite person ever for so many reasons.

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Lisa said...

My vote is for Phil this week. I'm not feelin' him... he's weird and creepy! LOL