Thursday, April 12, 2007

Survivor: Are We Going To Live On Exile Island? (4/12/07)

Moto & Ravu were greeted by tree mail today telling them to leave everything behind except personal belongings & paddle to Exile Island. Upon reaching their destination, they look for instructions or Jeff but find neither. They head to the highest point on the island to find a note with new buffs sending them back to the old Moto camp. Everyone was excited, particularly Mookie, who had never seen the Moto camp. Things seem like they're lookin' up except ... what??? Moto's camp has been stripped of all rewards. All that is there for them is a pot, a machete, and some fishing gear. All castaways seem very thrown off. They turn their attention to who will get voted out next & it seems the concensus is Boo. Mookie reveals to Dreamz that he found the immunity idol, much to the dismay of the other members of the 4 Horsement (Alex & Edgardo).

The new tribe heads to the immnunity challenge where another twist awaits them. They are split into two teams where they must compete against each other not only for immunity but for reward - a steak dinner with veggies to boot. Mookie, Alex, Stacy, Michelle, and Dreamz lose in a rowing & puzzle challenge to Boo, Edgardo, Yao Man, Cassandra & Earl. You'd think the twists were over but wait! Jeff has one more. Mookie's team may not speak or strategize, but head to Tribal Council immediately. The votes are read and it's between Stacy & Michelle. In the end, a tiebreaking vote snuffs Michelle's torch & she heads over to the jury. This will undoubtedly affect Earl's alliance & we'll see just how on next week's episode.

Also on next week's episode: Dreamz & Mookie butt heads about the votes at tribal council, Mookie's had it with Cassandra, and Dreamz repays Mookie by revealing to the others that he has the immunity idol.
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