Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pirate Master: Pirates, Guns, & Money (6/7/07)

Joe Don kicks off the episode hiring pirates to do work around the ship – Sean is hired as a cook and Jay is chosen as crew mate. Joe Don also flexes his ego a bit, to the dismay of some of his crew members. As the pirates set sail for their next treasure hunt, breakfast is served. While the crew forces down gruel, Joe Don & his crew members feast on eggs, meat, and veggies. The trip to the next hunt is no vacation. The crew works nonstop while Joe Don eats & relaxes then relaxes & eats. The crew begins to feel tired, cranky, and resentful.

Once again, the pirates are split into two crews: red & black. The captain & officers lead the black crew while the red crew opposes them. If the red crew wins, they’ll choose a new captain which is a nice incentive for many of them. The black crew is made up of: Joe Don, Nessa, Cheryl, Ben, Azmyth, Louie, Christa, and Jupiter. The red crew is: Sean, Joy, Kendra, Christian, Alexis, Laurel, and Jay. The pirates must swim to shore in shark infested waters then hike into the jungle where they will have the chance to sabotage the other crew. They then must trek across the mountain to a snake pit where they will find their tools needed to obtain the treasure.

Right off the bat, Kendra slowed her red crew down with her weak swimming skills. As the black crew pulled ahead, they took their opportunity to sabotage. A thorny, wooden gate was dropped right in their path & needed to be removed before the crew could go forward. The black crew hesitates at the snake pit – who wants to be attacked by a bunch of constrictors?! Nessa steps up, climbing in the pit with Azmyth to obtain the key. Slow crew members & injuries plague the red crew & in the end, the black crew claims victory for the 2nd expedition in a row.

The black crew brings home gold worth $45,000. Joe Don is given the option to keep half the winnings as well as his two officers. He chooses to hold on to Ben & Cheryl as well as hold on to his winnings. He decides to give each crew member a few hundred dollars a piece, for which they are not appreciative. JD then bribes Jay for inside information, giving him $2,000. When it’s time for him to mark 3 pirates for elimination, Kendra, Christian, and Joy are chosen for apparent physical reasons & limitations.

At pirates court, Kendra admits to her weakness in swimming but felt she was a strong physical presence in the other aspects of the expedition. Joy realizes she’s there because of the injury she suffered but feels that she is well enough to continue to complete. Christian makes a proposition to the pirates – make HIM captain and he will not take half their money. He will keep the crew happy to the best of his ability. The pirates cast their votes but Christian’s words were not enough to save him and he was cut adrift.

Check back here tomorrow – I’ll be talking to Christian about his time on Pirate Master!

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