Monday, June 4, 2007

Hell's Kitchen: Why Is The Asian Cowboy Crying? (6/4/07)

Hell’s Kitchen is back in its 3rd season with a brand new crop of hopeful chefs. The show kicks off with a quick update for us: season 1 winner Michael is the executive chef of Tatou in Los Angeles while season 2 Heather leads the team at Terra Rosa in Las Vegas. This season promises us to bring us more highs & lows than previous seasons. The 12 Hell’s Kitchen contestants are:

  • Aaron, 48, a retirement home chef from Palos Verdes, CA
  • Brad, 25, a sous chef from Scottsdale, AZ
  • Eddie, 28, a grill cook from Atlanta, GA
  • Josh, 26, a junior sous chef from Miami Beach, FL
  • Rock, 30, an executive chef from Spotsylvania, VA
  • Vinnie, 29, a night club chef from Milltown, NJ
  • Bonnie, 26, a personal chef/nanny from Los Angeles, CA
  • Jen, 26, a pastry chef from Hazeltown, PA
  • Joanna, 22, a chef’s assistant from Detriot, MI
  • Julia, 28, a short-order cook from Atlanta, GA
  • Melissa, 29, a line cook from New York, NY
  • Tiffany, 27, a kitchen manager from Scottsdale, AZ

Each chef had to present their signature dishes for Chef Gordon Ramsay. He wasn’t going to take it easy on them & we don’t want him to! Not surprisingly, he’s hardly impressed with anyone with the exception of Melissa & Tiffany. Chef Ramsay splits the teams into men vs. women and sends them to their living quarters to prepare for tomorrow’s challenge but not before reminding them of the finish line. The winning chef will win a quarter million dollars as well as becoming the head chef at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Vegas – on top of that, they get a share in the profits!

The next day, while everyone prepared over 300 ingredients for the opening of Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, Julia (the short order cook) was overlooked by her team. Meanwhile, Aaron struggles to get his area ready & breaks down in front of Chef Ramsay. The restaurant opens & of course, all hell breaks loose. You have to wonder how 12 chefs can’t manage to get a dish out in the first hour of service. Midway through the night, the blue team seems to find their groove and serve many appetizers. Julia & Melissa step up on the red team & start moving food to customers.

Aaron, continuing to feel the pressure, walks away from the station to cry it out. The other men try to make up for the loss of a chef but suffer a devastating realization – they’ve run out of chicken, beef, everything! Customers begin getting up & leaving while Chef Ramsay throws a fit. He closes the restaurant for the reminder of the night, feeling that both teams have failed miserably. Since he has to name a winner, he chooses the blue team over the red team.

Chef Ramsay calls out the red team calling them “bitches” and singles out Aaron & Vinnie on the blue team for being weak players. Vinnie attempts to step up to Chef Ramsay but Rock holds him back. Too bad, I wanted to see that! Melissa gets to choose who will be up for elimination tonight, which she feels guilty about. However, a decision needs to be made and Joanna & Tiffany, whom she promised would be safe are chosen! The person who is leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight is … Tiffany.

Make sure you check back as I talk to Tiffany this week on RealityCheckByGina. Hell’s Kitchen airs Monday nights at 9pm EST on FOX.

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