Thursday, March 8, 2007

Survivor: Love Many, Trust Few (3/8/07)

Mark Burnett surprised me this reality season ... and not in a good way. First, he makes the Apprentice people sleep in the yard if they lose. Now, on this season of Survivor, one tribe lives it up in practical luxury while another tribe wastes away with nothing. Sound the same? Seems like it.

Once again, Ravu can't get it together & lose both the reward & immunity challenge. Uhh ... YEAH! They've been eating coconut and water for 14 days and that's it. I couldn't eat coconus and water as a snack. I'd be lookin for the Chips Ahoy seconds later. Devoid of nourishment, they paled in comparison to the dominant Moto tribe. During the reward challenge, Moto's resident bad boy Dreamz got a little too cocky for Rocky's liking. Rocky challenged Dreamz to a physical matchup but got his ass tossed in the water pretty much before Jeff could utter the words "Survivors ready!" It's sad when their best physical competitor is Yao Man. What is that about & why is he still in the game?

After losing immunity, Ravu foolishly voted out Rita. Thank God for next week's preview. I was never happier to hear Jeff utter the words: "Drop your buffs". A merge? False. Not on Day 17. More like a switching up of tribes. And who's going back to the beach of luxury? I sure hope Rocky gets to pay it a visit. He could use a sandwich. Or nine. Switching up tribes has only been done once before during Survivor All-Stars. That would be when my all-time favorite player Boston Rob made a deal with Lex to save Amber after they were separated ... and it worked! I'm a dork. Rita? The tribe has spoken.

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