Thursday, March 8, 2007

ANTM: Back To High School (3/7/07)

Last night's episode of ANTM took the girls back to high school for both their challenge and their photo shoot. Miss J was in all her glory dressed up like a catholic school girl. Some of the girls found it weird but I should remind them that Miss J has a fiercer walk than any of them! She also donned a band uniform and this 80s prom dress:

Their challenge was to rock the runway in a prom-themed fashion show for high school students. It was bad enough that Jaslene ran her mouth about how great she was and then screwed up her entire time on stage. But when Sarah's boobs fell out & she didn't adjust? No no no, Miss Sarah! When the guest judge told her she should've covered up, she responded: "Sorry, I didn't know." Now you do. Brittany ended up winning the challenge and rightfully so. Her prize was a ridiculously large trophy about the size of her ... where is she going to put that???

Their photo shoot helped Jaslene's continued winning streak, much to the upset of many other girls. But you can't deny that Jaslene can take one hell of a picture. Now if we could only get her to stop talking:
Her name was called first followed by Felicia who took a great action shot as the school jock. In the end, Samantha was sent home for being too young & naive for the modeling world. I wish they sent Natasha home who also was in the bottom two but we can't all have our way. The combination of her cockiness mixed with her language barrier is really killin me. I think Brittany could win this whole thing but I'm going to keep rooting for Whitney or Felicia.

Has anyone seen former ANTM winners do things besides their Cover Girl commercials which apparently run only during the show? If so, send me links!

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