Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Age of Love: The Town Crier Is Asked To Leave (7/16/107)

Bachelor Mark Philippoussis is now dating six beautiful women in their 20s and their 40s. Host Mark Consuelos lets Bachelor Mark know that he must choose three women to spend a day at the beach with. Mark will get the opportunity to take the women to do the things he likes – one of those things is surfing. He chooses Megan, Maria, and Mary to join him. Amanda was immediately jealous and disappointed she wasn’t invited.

None of the girls are any good at surfing, especially Megan, who gets smacked in the head a bunch of times with the board. Meanwhile, Amanda stresses & paces the apartment, trying to keep her mind off the date. She’s also feels alienated from the remaining women in the apartment, Jen & Jayanna. Jayanna says that she feels Amanda’s feelings are much stronger than Mark’s and she’s probably right.

When Megan is chosen for a private walk with Mark, Mary then becomes jealous. Maria tries to ease her nerves but Mary’s emotions (as usual) get the best of her. Maria feels at this stage in her life, she doesn’t need to chase a man so she takes a secondary role. While Mary continues to try to get Mark’s attention, he rudely doesn’t pay attention & interrupts as her has during each interaction they’ve had.

Amanda is chosen to go on the 2nd date along with Jayanna. Mark takes the two women to a movie night with him but before the movie starts, he pulls Jayanna for a drink alone. You know Amanda does not like that! During the movie, Jaynna felt Mark’s body language was directed towards her, not Amanda. Amanda doesn’t take it lying down, and holds Mark’s hand under the blanket. Looks like Mark is caught between two women!

Finally, Mark gets one woman all to himself – Jen. He shows up at the apartment to take Jen on a motorcycle ride and jealousy rules the house. What a surprise, Mary is crying. The 40s don’t seem to mind as much as the 20s do that Mark is dating so many women. Maybe they’re more secure with themselves. Jen has a romantic date with Mark while Mary cries the day away.

The elimination moves from the apartment back to outside by the pool. Mark calls down Jen first, saying he had an incredible time & asks her to stay. He also asks Megan, Jayanna, and Amanda to stay. When he calls Maria down, she calls him out saying that he didn’t take the opportunity to get to know her better. Once again, Maria had told the women she was going and once again, Maria decides to stay. This leaves Mary to take the fall and she is sent home.

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