Monday, July 2, 2007

Age Of Love: The Surprises Keep On Comin'! (7/2/07)

On the 40th floor, the women still can't believe they're competing against women half their age for Mark’s heart. Meanwhile, the 20-year-olds try to figure out what Mark would want with women older than their mothers. Speaking of Mark, he needs to decide who he’s going to spend more time with and he chooses Kelli & Amanda. He’ll be having lunch with both. What Kelli & Amanda don’t know is that they’ll both be joining him on the date and what Mark doesn’t know is that they’ll be sitting at two different tables across the restaurant. Nothing like awkward surprises to set the mood…

Mark has an hour with each of the women & he can choose to spend that time as he wants. When the hour is up, he must have dessert with the woman whose table he is sitting at. Kelli takes control, making sure that Mark ends the date at her table. Mark, however, was trying to get back with Amanda. When he walks her out of the restaurant, he shares a first kiss with her and it seems that, perhaps, the Kittens will prevail.

Back at the hotel, the remaining women receive a text message to meet host Mark Consuelos at the pool. They learn that they’ll get the opportunity to create the perfect date … for each other. The 20-year-olds will decide where the 40-year-olds will go with Mark & vice versa. Both groups take the opportunity to have a little fun with the other. The Cougars first send the Kittens to play with 20 children at a birthday party. Standing out in the crowd is Adelaide, who seems generally comfortable & happy around the children. At the other end of the spectrum is Mary, who makes such a little impression that he walks away in mid-conversation. Oof. Mark takes Adelaide home in the limo & she also gets a kiss with him.

The Kittens get their revenge sending the Cougars to a water aerobics class … for the elderly. They take the whole thing in stride & have fun with it. Mark focuses more on their bodies than on the aerobics class. On the way home, he chooses Maria to come in the limo & up to his room to get to know her a little better. The connection wasn’t there, and Maria started to worry she was wasting her time. Before the elimination, she told the other women she was thinking of walking.

The women arrive at the elimination, all nervous about what Mark is looking for & who he will send home. Of the 20-year-olds, Tessa, Amanda, Mary, and Megan are asked to stay. Surprisingly, Mark sends Adelaide home, saying he didn’t feel anything when he kissed her. When it’s time to eliminate one of the women in their 40s, Maria goes back on her word & decides to stay after Mark puts himself out there for her. This doesn’t sit well with other women, as it means now one of them has to go. Jen, Jayanna, and Kelli are asked to stay and Mark pulls another surprise, asking Lynn to leave.

Before the women can head up to their rooms, Mark Consuelos has just one more twist: the women will now all be living together. This show just keeps getting better! I’ll be talking to Lynn & Adelaide tomorrow, so check back to hear what they have to say.

Age of Love airs Mondays at NBC at 9pm EST
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