Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Amazing Race: Charla Gets Her Ass Kicked By Horses & Sausage (4/1/07)

Tonight's 2 hour episode took the teams on a tumultuous journey to Poland. Team Guido & Eric/Danielle (known as Team Shut Up in my living room) were left behind after missing a flight. This put them more than 12 hours behind the other teams. The Beauty Queens finished 1st & actually started their next leg before those two teams had finished the previous one. Team Guido ended up in last place but it was a non-elimination round. They are now marked for elimination and will incur a 30 minute penalty if they do not come in 1st on their next leg.

Teams the made an emotional journey to Auschwitz where they had to observe a moment of silence. Afterwards, they found themselves "intersected". Each team had to pair up with another to complete a task until they were given further notice. Ozzie & Danny teamed up with Uchenna & Joyce to finish a Fast Forward. Successful, they were able to go right to the pit stop where they found out that while they tied for 1st place, only one team could have the prize associated with it. Ozzie & Danny, generously & without hesitation, let Uchenna & Joyce have the trip to St. Lucia. The Beauty Queens begrudgingly joined forces with Charla & Mirna while Team Guido had no choice but to team up with Team Shut Up. They hit a Detour & both sets of teams decided to do a task where they had to eat 2 feet of sausage. Dustin & Charla both threw up ... and I prefer never again to watch Charla shove utensils down her throat in order to force herself to puke. That image is now burned in my brain ... thanks, CBS. It hurts.

The remaining four teams were released from being intersected and hit a Detour where one team member had to lead a horse through the woods. On the way there, Charla & Mirna screamed at a taxi driver who wouldn't let them follow him for any less than $100. An episode wouldn't be complete without Mirna melting down, crying, and screaming in broken english. They finally made it to the challenge. Charla, having previous bad luck with horses, did not find much change in Poland. Dustin & Kandice had no trouble finishing 3rd with Charla & Mirna close behind. Team Guido finished 5th but since Eric & Danielle finished during the 30 minute penalty, they were eliminated.

On next week's episode, Eric & Danielle butt heads with Charla & Mirna while Ozzie & Danny have a meltdown.

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